how long do you want?

What kind of shoot is it?

Do you need audio stuff?

Photography or video?

So think about what you need for your shoot

Great news for studio users:

We include lights, backgrounds (white zone/green screen/etc), cables, stands, audio microphones and anything that we have except the autocue which is £99 per day, and booked separately.  Remember you can use jibs, 6m track & dolly, lapel microphones, LED panel lights and the list goes on!


So you can book either photo or video studio hire; which varies in 'time booked' only (eg. 2, 4, 8 hours, or days).


Or you can book the 'studio only' option which is basically the space only and using your own backgrounds and lights. And again you decide your time required for hire. But remember the extra costs for the other services is for the painting of the white zone and the hire of equipment and backgrounds, which is all included!

And if what you need is not shown below then please email and let us know what it is you need -

Chat to Adrian if you need anything clarifying

0113 256 8000

"I have tried to create services that encompass everybody's needs. So if you are shooting photography and need extra flash heads, then you can get them! If you are shooting video and have all your own lights and backgrounds then it is cheaper! you decide, you choose.




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